With a Pro plan at Visual Society, you can upload a watermark to add protection and permanent branding to your images. Here is how you add a watermark:

Log into your Dashboard
If you haven't done so already, upgrade to the Pro plan
Visit Customize -> Media -> Watermark
Upload a transparent PNG watermark image at least 500 pixels wide
Now, any new files that you upload will be watermarked

Here are some additional important things to know about the watermarking process at Visual Society:

You can change watermark files at any time and they will be applied globally to all images on your site, instantly.
Purchased downloads do not contain watermarks.
The original high resolution file is not public, and thus, cannot be downloaded (without purchase).
Only images 600 pixels wide and higher are watermarked.
Images in product mockups are not watermarked.
Thumbnails (low resolution copies that appear on grid layouts) are not watermarked. Watermarking thumbnails looks bad and distracts from buying experience.
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