Our Professional Plan includes the ability to use a custom domain name to your Visual Society website. For example, if you owned the domain name “johnsmith.com” you could apply it to your Visual Society website.


Buy a Domain Name – We recommend purchasing a domain name from NameCheap.
Sign Up for CloudFlare SSL – After buying a domain name, sign up for a free account at CloudFlare.com. CloudFlare provides free SSL certificates, which is a security requirement all custom domains at Visual Society. Follow the prompts at CloudFlare and change your domain name to use CloudFlare’s Nameservers. See this guide for help.
At this point you should have a domain name with an SSL certificate if you completed the two requirement steps above.

Use Your Domain Name

To complete your domain name change at Visual Society, follow these important final steps:

In your CloudFlare account, click the DNS button.

Cloudflare DNS

We are using a fake domain name called “example.com” in this tutorial. Use your domain name wherever you see “example.com” in this tutorial. Add a CNAME DNS entry for “example.com” that points to “visualsociety.com” as shown below. Add another one “www” that points to your domain name “example.com”.

Cloudflare DNS 2

Click on the Crypto button.

Cloudflare Crypto

Change the SSL option to “Full.”

Cloudflare SSL

Scroll down to “Automatic HTTPS Rewrites” section at the bottom of the page and turn it ON.

Cloudflare https

Log into VisualSociety.com and visit Customize -> Domain.
Change the domain name to your custom domain name and click "Save."


Additional Troubleshooting:

First, make sure the domain name is actually using CloudFlare Nameservers. This is the first step in using CloudFlare to manage DNS/get free SSL certificate. Just plug the domain name into the form here:

Nameservers should show CloudFlare’s Nameservers, something like rick.ns.cloudflare.com. If you are not using CloudFlare Nameservers, then none of the changes you make at CloudFlare will do anything. You need to follow CloudFlare’s instructions for changing your Nameservers first.

If you are using CloudFlare Nameservers, then make sure that you have CNAME mydomain.com visualsociety.com and CNAME www mydomain.com. If you have any A-Records that point mydomain.com to an IP address or any conflicting CNAME’s they should delete them.
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