In this short tutorial, you will learn how to find your Facebook Page ID so that you can activate Live Chat (Messenger) on your Visual Society website.

You must have a Facebook Business Page, not just a Facebook Profile. Learn how to create a Facebook Business Page.

Log into Facebook as the admin of your page.
Visit your Facebook Business Page URL and click on Settings.

Facebook Settings

Click on Messenger Platform

Messenger Platform

Click on Customer Chat Plugin

Facebook Customer Chat Plugin

Scroll down and click the Setup button next to Customer Chat Plugin

Facebook Setup Messenger Chat

Complete the setup wizard. The last page will show you the embed code. Your Facebook Page ID is located in this embed code. Copy the entire code and paste it into a text editor on your computer and copy the Facebook Page ID. It will be a long number, like 1352223884837009.

Facebook Page ID Code

Visit your Visual Society Dashboard -> Marketing -> Engagement -> Live Chat and paste your Facebook Page ID into the field.

Once completed, your website will have a Live Chat button in the lower right corner that your visitors and buyers can interact with. This enables you to communicate with your visitors in real time, setup auto-replies, and even bots.

Facebook Live Chat (Messenger)
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