In addition to selling products fulfilled by Visual Society, you can also sell custom products that you fulfill yourself! For example, you might want to sell signed prints, original water color paintings, or you might want to use your own local print vendor. Here's how to sell custom, self-fulfilled products:

NOTE: For custom products, there is a 10% transaction fee. This fee includes credit card processing fees and platform fees.

To create the products you want to sell, log into Visual Society and visit the Pricing page.

Click +New Product.

Upload the photo, then Fill out the Product Name, Description, and Price. Leave the check mark for Physical Product (only uncheck for downloads), add the shipping costs, and also variants if you like.

Then click Save Product.

NOTE: If you don't want to self-fulfill, you can still upload your photos and we will do the order fulfillment for you! Check out this article about "How to choose products to sell".
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