All images should be uploaded in .JPG file format, 10 quality, RGB color profile, using the largest file that you have available (max file upload is 100MB). Visual Society resizes your images to fit the product sold, so the larger the original source file we have on file, the better the product will look.

We recommend uploading original high-resolution images captured with at least a 10 megapixel camera or with a file measuring a minimum of 7238 x 4838 pixels. If you plan on selling a lot of large format prints, then we recommend uploading files measuring a minimum of 10838 x 7238 pixels.

Below are the sizes of our most popular product sizes along with the minimum size requirements for each:

8x12 - 3338 x 2588 pixels
12x16 - 4838 x 3638 pixels
16x20 - 6038 x 4838 pixels
16x24 - 7238 x 4838 pixels
20x30 - 9038 x 6038 pixels
24x36 - 10838 x 7238 pixels
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